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Introducing Our Metabolic Detox Program!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you eating right and exercising and still not seeing the results of your hard work on the scale? Are you constantly battling chronic fatigue, systemic inflammation, or autoimmune disease? Are you suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, poor digestion, reproductive disorders, allergies, pain, or a plethora of other chronic diseases? Are you ready to get pregnant, but want to prepare your body for the new life? Are you feeling generally unhealthy and just want a tune-up?

The above questions are all designed to make one think about doing a metabolic detox. If you are truly ready, then this program is for you. It’s 28 days and can be done 1-2x a year to help heal your liver and kidneys and flush out environmental toxins that get stuck in the body.

Why does our body need a metabolic detox once in a while? Due to a buildup of massive amounts of toxins from the environment, our body loses its ability to process and excrete these toxins, mainly due to lifestyle choices (aka diet and stress). When toxins don’t get successfully excreted from the body, they get stored in fat cells and can create an environment of inflammation that can come out as a vast number of symptoms (some of which are stated above).

Metagenics, one of the leading medical-grade food manufacturers that works with doctors, has designed a 28-day detox program that is FDA Approved and focuses on clean eating while working on healing the liver and kidneys (the organs that primarily detox the body). In short, the program focuses on 2-3 daily medical-grade food smoothies along with 2 daily servings of supplements in the form of pills and a modified mediterranean diet. While on the program, people see changes in the form of weight loss between 8-20 pounds as well as a moderate to dramatic decrease in chronic disease symptoms.

Sullivan Acupuncture, certified in Metagenics First Line Therapy program, designed an individualized 28-day detox program to meet particular patients’ needs. Therefore, supplement plans may be different depending on what the patient wants to work on. Cost of the program includes an initial consultation/examination, instructions on what to eat, a complete 140 page cookbook of different recipes to follow and the daily smoothies/supplements. Depending on what smoothies are used, the cost can range from $375 to $465 for the products (MSRP) and $75 for initial consultation/examination. If the patient is a current or former patient of Sullivan Acupuncture, consultation is waved. Sullivan Acupuncture will also give a 10% discount off the products which brings the range to $325 to $435.

Jump start your diet and heal your body at the same time.

If you are driven to put in the hard work for 28 days, your body will thank you!

Contact Sullivan Acupuncture to start now!

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