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Heather Sullivan, L.Ac, DACM, BA-Nutrition/Biology, takes Aetna, United, BCBS and VA Insurance for acupuncture only.  Medicare does not allow acupuncturists in-network. Medicare/Medicare Supplemental patients will need to pay at time of service and Sullivan Acupuncture will give the necessary paperwork to get payment back directly from Medicare.  Medicare only pays out for lower back pain at this time.  Please note that new patients with insurance will need to pay out-of-pocket on the first treatment until benefits are confirmed (unless they are confirmed ahead of first appointment).  Cash, Check or Credit Card are all welcomed. Special note: Insurance websites that list Sullivan Acupuncture as in-network do not take into account the patient's individual plan.  The patient still may not have acupuncture benefits, even though that service comes up.

Our Treatments

Breaking News!  Sullivan Acupuncture is now offering virtual treatments!  Dr. Sullivan will be available to do examinations and treatment plans that may include acupressure, western supplements, eastern herbal therapy, food/nutrition counseling, qi gong and meditation/breathing exercises. Curious how this works?  Contact us for a 15 Minute FREE virtual consultation by calling 224-440-7373 or filling out our form by clicking here!
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Free 15 Minute Consultation & Initial Treatments For Prospective Patients (Virtual, Phone or In-Office Available)

This 15-minute consultation is a good way to meet with your practitioner and determine how Sullivan Acupuncture can help. Book via our consultation form or contact us at 224-440-7373

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Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatments
Online Scheduling is available for returning patients. Sullivan Acupuncture requests that new patients contact us at 224-440-7373 or the above form. For returning patients, please click the below button to book online
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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Note: contraindications - not suitable for people with high blood pressure, migraines, pregnancy, diabetes or cancer. For details on this service and testimonials, visit our blog on Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture


Dr Sullivan has her certification as a Clinical Hypnotist through the Wellness Institute.  She originally got it to help patients who have conditions with an emotional-based root and now combines it with acupuncture to offer a unique and successful services for those needing help with the following conditions: Anxiety/Depression, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and General Healing/Balance.  For more information on this service, click here. To set up an appointment, contact Sullivan Acupuncture at 224-440-7373 or click on the following form.

Chinese Herbal/Functional Medicine/Nutritional Wellness Services

Dr Sullivan has a Doctorate degree and training in both China and U.S. in Chinese Herbal Therapy.  She also has certification in Functional Medicine and a bachelor's degree in Chinese and Western Nutrition.  For prospective patients looking for supplement and nutrition services instead of acupuncture therapy, she offers an evaluation and treatment plan as well as a full retail store. For more information, click here.  For initial appointments, please contact Sullivan Acupuncture at 224-440-7373 or click on the following form.

Auricular (Ear) Tacks/Seeds

Ear Tacks/Seeds are a low income way of doing acupuncture for the following conditions: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Pain Control (AKA Battlefield Acupuncture), Anxiety/Depression.  Cost is just $20 and tacks/seeds stay in about 3-4 days.  For more information, click here.  Contact us at 224-440-7373 for a 15 minute appointment to apply them 

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IVF Transfer On-Site Treatment
3 Hours -$280

Heather Sullivan is in a network of Licensed Acupuncturists who offer pre- and post-IVF transfer acupuncture treatments at Advanced Fertility in Gurnee, IL.  For more information, please contact her office.

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