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Acupuncture is a 5000+ year old medical therapy to activate the three systems that run through the whole body – neuro-endocrine, cardiovascular and musculo-sinew.  In treating these systems at areas called acupuncture points, where large bundles of nerves/veins/connective tissue come together, a practitioner can make profound systemic changes in the body to produce a holistic, healing effect.  Acupuncture is one of three main branches of East Asian Medicine used for centuries (the other two being nutrition/exercise and Chinese herbal therapy).


Dry Needling


Dry Needling is an ancient form of acupuncture that specifically focuses on trigger points within the musculo-skeletal system to alleviate pain and inflammation. By stimulating and releasing these points of congestion, muscles relax, nerves calm down, pain signals are blocked in the brain and endorphins are released. Through repeated treatments, long-standing musculo-skeletal problems are either fixed completely or go into remission.

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Chinese herbal therapy is the most advanced, longest-lived herbal systems in the world.  Dating back well-over 5000 years old, the Chinese have tested and documented many, many formulas to help with a wide variety of internal and external symptoms.  These formulas have lasted through centuries of plagues and pandemics, treating patients successfully and are now being studied thoroughly by pharmaceutical companies, especially in the fields of cardiovascular and immunology. 



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Eastern/Western Nutrition


East Asian cultures have long been indoctrinated into the profound preventive health effects of food therapy well before western countries were.  Centuries of good nutritional practice has produced cultures whose elders live longer than any other in the world.  While the western world is not as advanced, new research and dietary therapy has also added to the healing world of food.  At Sullivan Acupuncture, we utilize a combination of both systems to educate our patients on the best ways to naturally heal themselves. 


Medical QiGong


Gentle cardio and strength training are an ingrained part of East Asian cultures for thousands of years.  Every day, Chinese elders can be seen gathering in parks and practice group tai chi/qigong.  These forms of exercise have been researched and been found to trigger the parasympathetic system (rest and relaxation mode) where healing occurs and shown to decrease a significant amount of chronic conditions including muscular pain, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, memory issues, immune deficiency and general health prevention.

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Functional medicine is a therapy that focuses on the root causes of symptoms and correcting that root cause to alleviate/fully heal the myriad of symptoms stemming from it.  Treatment plans utilize western supplements that are shown to have positive effects on the body to restore proper organ system function.  By doing so, the body begins to heal itself and symptoms start to disappear.  Sullivan Acupuncture is educated in Five-Element Functional Medicine, a proven treatment system that incorporates by western supplementation and Chinese herbal therapy to heal the body.