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East Meets West - Healing the body through Chinese and Functional Medicine

One of the greatest gifts the Chinese culture has ever given the world is their herbal therapy. Health-conscious Americans are always embracing the newest and interesting herbal supplements - everything from curcumen to acai berries to maca root to....well so many things. But there is a whole world that is being missed that is so powerful, so safe and so worth getting to know and that is Chinese herbs. Out of all the cultures in the world, the Chinese have researched their native herbs, roots, berries and bark the most. They have taken a very surprising medical approach to this particular field in a way no other culture has. And yet, I have come across so many patients who are so worried about trying them, so afraid they will be harmed and so willing to take prescription drugs which DO have side effects and can be very harmful rather than embrace this untapped, very safe world of herbal therapy.

Dr. Sullivan trained in both China and U.S for acupuncture and herbal medicine. She has used Chinese herbal formulas with great success to help patients overcome many symptoms, but she recognized that she needed to incorporate western supplementation too to give the patient a full breadth of healing support. In 2020, she became certified in Five-Element Functional Medicine taught by U.S renowned Fertility Acupuncturist, Chris Axelrad, who has used both eastern and western supplements for 20 years with phenomonal success. The results of using this method in the past year have been nothing short of amazing!

To boot, Dr. Sullivan has a bachelors degree in both eastern and western nutrition. For patients who would like a natural way of healing themselves, setting up a treatment with Dr. Sullivan is a perfect solution. Each treatment entails a thorough health evaluation, a treatment plan of both western supplements and eastern herbal therapy, nutritional counseling - both from an eastern and western viewpoint and a 10% off of supplements than what is listed online if bought at Sullivan Acupuncture.

Treatment cost is $75 and one to three treatments is recommended.


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