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Whole Food Plant-Based Diet - The New Revolution

Thanks to such pioneers like Dr. Michael Gregor and Dr. Esselstyn, the plant-based diet is becoming popular. But what is the plant-based diet? In basic terms, it’s a daily combination of whole grains, lentils, fruits and vegetables. Dairy, meat and processed foods are either completely eliminated or sparingly eaten, depending on one’s choice. Make no mistake, the science of health is behind this diet. Research on human trials have shown that following this diet decreases one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, brain/neurological disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, potential organ failure and all types of cancer. Following this diet helps one lose weight, stabilize emotional disorders and optimize digestion function. It’s also good on the environment. It’s easy to follow and promotes overall safety as potentials for food poison are eliminated when dairy and meat are taken out of the equation. In a modified version of the plant-based diet, Dr. Esselstyn has shown through high-quality studies that heart disease can be reversed. In short, if your goal is to live a long and healthy life, then going plant-based is a necessity.

While I still recommend reading such books like “How Not To Die” by Dr Gregor or “Plant-Based Diet for Beginners” by Amelia Fox, the following will help one get started. Download the app, “Daily Dozen” by Dr Gregor. This is a checklist of what to add to your daily diet. Make no mistake, by following this checklist, you will lose weight, not feel hungry and reduce systemic symptoms that are plaguing you. Incorporate in each meal one serving of beans, one serving of whole grains, two servings of vegetables and one serving of fruit. A light snack of nuts should get you through any bouts of hunger in-between meals. I mix in flaxseed into my breakfast meal as that is shown to lower cholesterol. That’s it. If one still is unsure how to make a proper meal, buy “Forks Over Knives Cookbook” by Del Sroufe. It has over 300 easy recipes and they are all delicious!

Plant-based diets are the key to good health.

If you want to get off the meds and decrease the number of doctor visits, changing to healthy foods will get you well on your way.

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