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Ready to get off the diet train and still lose weight?

Then East-West Weight Release Program is the perfect program for you.

East-West Weight Release Program combines the wisdom of weight release from China with the power of clinical hypnotherapy.

In this program, people learn that food is not the enemy and food restriction just eventually leads to later binging. 

Real weight release success comes from changing our habitual bad eating habits that are driven by our subconscious mind.

The subconscious represents 90% of our mind.  The subconscious mind holds our habits, memories, beliefs and emotions. 

From our childhood on, we are taught poor eating from “eat everything off our plate or we won’t get dessert”, to “eat cookies and other comfort foods when we are unhappy”.  Commercials and billboards reinforce this need to use food for emotional comfort by showing delicious, rich foods that are bad for our health.  Restaurants perpetuate it by giving us king-size portions.  We are conditioned to eat unhealthy and the subconscious mind replays those messages every time we decide what to eat. But that can be changed by changing our subconscious thoughts and that’s where hypnotherapy comes in.

Trim Life Hypnotherapy Program was designed by the Wellness Institute and implemented at the Cleveland Clinic.

Sullivan Acupuncture uses the protocol in combination with acupuncture and nutritional information to provide patients with a complete program on weight loss.  Acupuncture stimulates short-term weight release by boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, healing contributing symptoms and releasing  stress.  The hypnotherapy and nutritional counseling help with the long-term weight loss by changing the mind and instilling good eating habits. 

You will never again need to diet.  You will never again need to restrict only to binge later on.  That is the goal of the program. 

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"I was excited, yet nervous about starting the Trim-Life Program. Excited to be giving the opportunity to help with eating habits, nervous not knowing what to expect. Heather did a great job customizing the program to fit my personal situation – Thank You. After being on the program for 6 weeks, I realize the changes I’m making today are long term gains. Heather & Trim-Life has helped me change my mindset on how I view food and what I put into my body. I’m more cautious of the types of food I eat and when I eat - I’m actually enjoying eating healthier. I feel better both physically and mentally about myself. I feel it is very important to listen to the cd’s and read the material, and re-review frequently. A couple of times during the 6 week course, I wished I had someone close to me going through the same program for conversation and additional support. Thank you again for helping me and giving me the opportunity to start transforming my life." - Lori

"I feel the weight loss program containing both acupuncture and hypnotherapy is the foundation of weight loss.

 It's all about reprogramming your subconscious to make better choices.

If you don't build a mental foundation to support and encourage weight loss, and work on changing bad eating habits, any so called "diet" will eventually fail. It all starts with your thought patterns toward food.
I am excited to continue the hypnotherapy sessions on my own, with the CDs provided for me to keep, and to lose more weight." - Lisa

"The Trim-Life experience has been very eye opening for me. The tools provided along with my time with Heather has really opened my eyes to what I am capable of. I look forward to continuing to use the Trim- Life program on my weight loss journey. I am very grateful to be part of this opportunity." - Kim

"The best gift I received from the program was getting into a relaxed state of mind and body and learning to be more mindful of food choices and quantity. It was amazing! We did the program during the holidays which are stressful and full of food and drink everywhere. I'm happy to say I didn't gain any weight and wasn't as stressed. This program is like no other.  Not only was I learning how to be more mindful, but I would leave our sessions more relaxed than an hour at the spa.  :-) The tapes help to reinforce the learning and continue to motivate me to be mindful of what I eat and  keep moving." - Diane 

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