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Nipping Colds and Flus In The Bud With Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is the oldest, consistent medicine in the world. Its main focus is on prevention, but can also treat more acute issues. Some of those acute issues are seasonal colds and flus. The Chinese developed a simple and quick way of getting rid of these nasty bugs. They developed the below broth and advise their patients to drink several cups a day, then wrap themselves in a warm blanket and sweat out the toxin. Follow this rule of thumb and you will be back to good health in no time!

Ginger and Garlic Soup:


  • Two cloves of garlic, peeled and finely diced

  • Four green onions, also finely diced

  • Seven cups of broth (preferably vegetable or chicken)

  • 50g of grated root ginger, finely sliced too

  • One finely diced hot or medium-hot chili

  • Chopped mushrooms (optional)

  1. Put the garlic, onions, mushrooms (if there are any) and ginger in a big pain and put it on low heat for a few minutes and saute them

  2. Add the whole stock and continue to boil

  3. Stir very gently, until all o f the ingredients become soft

  4. Last add the chopped chili and stir for another five minutes.

Drink while warm and don’t forget to wrap yourself in a blanket and lightly sweat before heading off to sleep!

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