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July is National Liver Health Awareness Month

Over 80 million people are estimated to have a fatty liver. While the liver is supposed to have some level of fat to it, too much can overtime cause the following symptoms to occur – obesity, fatigue, inability to digest/absorb nutrients, weakness, nausea, confusion/poor judgement/trouble concentrating. In severe cases, patients experience fatigue, weight loss and abdominal pain. People who drink excessively, overweight, have high cholesterol or diabetes, genetic predispositions or take certain medications are prone to fatty livers.

General treatment or prevention plans for fatty liver include: diminishing or avoiding high-carb foods such as corn, grits, bread and potatoes, cut down on sugary liquids like soda, *alcohol and juice, eat dark leafy greens or low-carb vegetables, increase intake of omega-3s (nuts and fish) and vitamin E, try a daily supplement of milk thistle, implement an exercise and weight loss program.

*Research shows 1 glass of red wine a day actually protects against fatty liver


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